Finance Your Training Course With Us

Finance Your Training Course With Us

How It Works

Do I Qualify?

Qualifying for an InkFin Career Training loan is not as difficult as you may think.

If you’re employed: Provide us with proof of a steady income. If you have a 12 months clear credit record and affordability, you qualify!

If you’re still a student: Ask a family member or close friend (with a steady income), if they will sign for the repayments to come off their bank account. We will only require some personal information from them.

No matter your circumstances, InkFin is focused on helping you get new skills, that we know will mean the world to you and your future!

What Do I Pay?

Inkfin has a very simple lending process. We add a fixed cost to your loan upfront, so there is no surprise fluctuating interest, or interest on interest, like some other money lending companies do.

Let’s show you an example: You choose to apply for a training loan that costs R20,000 and pay it off over 24 months. You will pay us an initial 10% deposit of R2000 and then instalments of R1152.56 per month for 24 months. The total cost of your course after 24 months will be R27661.42. There are no more charges, as long as you pay your loan back timeously.

The best part is that you can settle earlier at any time, and save on any remaining fees. No early settlement penalties at all!

Funding Calculator

First select your loan amount on the slider below

Remember to first get a quote from the Training Institution.


Then choose your repayment term:

For a 6 month loan or shorter please choose an amount of R8000 or less

Repayment Amount Including Loan Fees

Deposit Monthly Installments
Total installment payments excluding deposit R
These repayment values are estimates of what your repayments will be, including your loan initiation fee and mandatory debit order collection fees.